The Broad Street Dancers presents:


Thursday 25 - Saturday 27 February, 7.30pm
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The Broad Street Dancers are Oxford’s most diverse dance troupe. Made up of students from across Oxford, we meet to share our knowledge in a huge range of genres and styles. Apart from performing at various Arts’ and social events throughout the year, we organise and choreograph an annual, full-length show taking place in February.

This year we are proud to present our latest venture, Paradise. In this varied and exciting programme of short dance pieces in a range of styles, we look at the concept of paradise and the natural human desire to seek out utopia. Starting from a traditional view of paradise as man’s original home and place of virtue, innocence and perfection we explore ideas of sin and suffering, the knowledge of which must force us to acknowledge the imperfections of our own world.

‘Refreshing and invigorating, Dynamica is a must-see show. There is nothing quite like it in Oxford or anywhere else.’ The Oxford Student (of 2015 show Dynamica)

But what if it was possible to find a way of accepting both the good and bad that we encounter everyday? A way to survive the often confusing and difficult experience of being human and to build our own kind of paradise on earth. Through the intricate and expressive medium of dance we ask how we can stop longing for the all encompassing perfection of an otherworldly paradise and start enjoying the smaller perfections of the everyday.




The preview video for Dynamica, last year’s show:

DYNAMICA from Ruth Spencer Jolly on Vimeo.


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Varsity Dance Competition
Saturday 27 Feb

The Broad Street Dancers from Oxford and CUTAZZ from Cambridge invite you to witness their... More info>

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Duration: 2hrs 10mins